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Nature Deficits Disorder | #1 Disease of Our Time

Whats the 1 thing YOU can do right now to start healing your Body and the Planet Earth? Get into NATURE every day! I know that may sound too simple, but studies have shown that time in nature reduces many of our modern day health imbalances. Plus, Nature therapy creates a sense of connection and active appreciation for all of life's gifts. In order for Humanity to step out of its current imbalance of separation, and come back into alignment with the Natural laws that govern the universe, the first step forward is deepening our connection with the Natural World. Your next Action Challenge: Get outside into nature for at least 15min every day for the next month. Also, If you LIKE this Video, please SHARE it, so the message can reach more people. May the Forest be with Yew.. Botanical Blessings, Y~ #herbaljedi Learn More about me and my work at Subscribe: Harmonic Arts Blog: Instagram: Facebook: Pinterest: Twitter: Filming and editing by Shane Philip: Website: http://islandsoulfilms Facebook: .