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We are Protectors of the Water

Dedicated to clean Water, the important life blood of our bodies and Planet. Please SHARE, COMMENT and LIKE. Spoken Word and Poem by Yarrow Willard (Harmonic Arts Co-Founder) Film/Edit Shane Philip of Island Soul Films "Oh sacred water, we come to you with great reverence and appreciation. You are the precious life blood of our mother earth. We are connected by you, we are nourished by you, we are given life everlasting as you unfolds in our new story holds memory of our old story, of her story and history. At this point in the human story, It is you dear water that we are called to protect. For we are warriors of the water, mothers fathers son and daughter of the water. We are bound to you in a continual cycle of growth and decline. At times dear water you are turbulent like our emotions, unyielding as you sweep us away, You teaches us about the power of respect and flow, guiding us forward, no mater what obstacles we come up against. Calling us in new directions, ever seeking to restore balance. When we stagnate it is you who is there to help heal our pollution, it is you who reflects our challenges, lessons and digressions. We've reached the age of the water bearer and can no longer pretend that we are separate from our duty to protect you. We are here to listen to your guidance, learn from your stories, give thanks for your presence and ask forgiveness for our mistakes. We hear your calling sacred water and vow to take care of you, as we learn to change our ignorant ways. So that future generation may enjoy your presence, as much as we do now. ------ Spoken Word and Poem by Yarrow Willard (Harmonic Arts Co-Founder) Film/Edit Shane Philip of Island Soul Films Subscribe: Harmonic Arts Blog: Instagram: Facebook: Pinterest: Twitter: Filming and editing by Shane Philip: Website: http://islandsoulfilms Facebook: .
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